First post on a long journey

I’m a month deep into my journey that has no definite end. So far I’ve been easily distracted with everything I wanted to do but a job restricted. The daily routine involves waking up, slow breakfast, coffee, reading, writing, climbing or running at some beautiful location, or deciding I want to move on to another place. Feels perfect.

I been able to climb and visit with a lot of familiar faces so far. Bishop was full of friends from Hueco Tanks (Walker, Lena, Nalani, Andy, Keith, Lisa and Henry). While visiting Abigail in Flagstaff I ran into Lance from Mesilla and Sam from Hueco Tanks. Seems like I won’t be too lonely out here in the world. I’ve already met some new friends here in Indian Creek, Utah and already saw familiar faces from Bishop.

In the near future, I plan to retro-post from the start of my trip.


After climbing for three days at Indian Creek, I’m heading north to Joe’s Valley to meet Walker and Hammy for a little sandstone bouldering. The Creek is phenomenal and the amazing rock formations creates a very unique style of climbing. The most memorable climb was Supercrack. This climb usually has a line of folks waiting to jam their hand into the splitter crevice. On this evening, my second in the creek, Santos the spaniard and I walked over to hopefully get a ride on a top rope. However, there was no one in sight. I asked Santos how much gear he had and he replied he had 5 number 3 BD camalots that he’d borrowed specifically for this climb. Add in my 3 cams and we had plenty. Looked like I had to climb it. The climb lived up to all four stars. I took another lap on it under the desert moon and let out an exclamation of pure joy while hanging by my arms 100 feet up such beautiful, smooth sandstone. Santos later said this climb made his whole trip and he could go home happy. We were both smiling ear to ear as we walked back down to the cars in the dark.


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