Joy Riding

Posted from Drew’s Food Ranch Orangeville, Utah

April 5

Today I took a needed rest day. I wanted to go for a hike or run but felt way too drained for such an activity. Instead I went for a joy ride around Joe’s Valley Reservoir and the towns of Orangeville and Castle Dale. I am usually joy riding along pretty slow but I don’t notice until someone is barreling down behind me but . These drives remind me of my Pa (Grandpa), Rabe Carter. He was a master of the joy ride. I guess I get that, along with several other old man traits (not bathing for days, wearing the same clothes, drinking coffee all day, etc.) from him. However, I did get a shower today. I know my mom is glad I picked these traits up. These traits are very complimentary to living out a van and climbing. Below are some pictures from the joy ride.


One thought on “Joy Riding

  1. Wow… I love these little peeks into your adventures. Would love to see that bright blue water in person. What a special time for you–a beautiful bout of freedom! Hope your finger tips are healing quickly enough to keep up with all your climbing.
    Me thinks that you are a master of the joy ride. The whole trip is a joy ride, yeah? 🙂

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