Wills of Fire

Posted from Drew’s Food Ranch Orangeville, Utah

April 4

After three long days of bouldering on the sandstone boulders of Joe’s Valley, I managed to pull off one of the many climbs I wanted to complete on this trip. Yesterday was the second day at Wills of Fire. I had pretty much worked it all out the previous day but didn’t have the juice to finish it so late in the day. We, being Walker, Hammy and some new friends from Vermont: Kyle and Laura, and I went back to the climb first thing. On the first attempt, I cruised up and fell off the lip jug. I pretty much went down hill for the next several tries and my fingers became more tweaked and wrapped in tape to get “just one more go” out of them. Fortunately, Laura was also trying this climb with me. Having a partner in problem helps tremendously to keep the “psych” alive. After I had given up, taken my shoes off and let all expectations go, Laura and I made a deal to give it “one more go.” As Walker said, “sometimes you just pull it out of your ass when you least expect it and have flailed for so long.” On the last go, every move was executed with perfection. Not a single blown foot or re-adjustment of the hand. I felt I had plenty of energy left at the top but was so glad I was topping out. These moments make all the flailing and falling in bouldering so rewarding. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect climb and when I least expected it. I find getting expectations and psych out of the way allows one to just climb. My climb was inspiring enough to keep Laura trying it for a few more go’s. She’ll send it soon I know. I will post a few pictures that Kyle took soon. Below are some pictures of Kyle and Laura on the classic climb Angler.


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