Hello running my old friend

I finally feel like I can run again. A lingering hamstring strain has led to other imbalances and discomfort to the point of an extended break from running. After an inspiring hike and visit to the Grand Canyon and massage from Geoff at Stay Tuned Therapeutics in Flagstaff (http://staytunedaz.wordpress.com/), I feel I’m on my way to recovery. While the massage therapy didn’t correct everything right away, it made me more aware of discomforts and remedies for them. Although frustrating, injuries and pain have made me very interested in how the body works. I also made some new friends thanks to Geoff, the foam roller and tennis ball. Both are getting daily use in working out tight muscles. Geoff reminded me that although I feel better than ever, my body does need some routine maintenance. I recommend Stay Tuned if you need some therapy while around Flagstaff.

This week I finally got out running on some trails in Priest Draw, while there bouldering. The trails were so soft with dirt and pine needles that I ran for a mile or so barefoot. It felt really good. Getting really dirty feet makes one feel younger and free. I could still feel some tweaks but was able to remedy them with good posture, running form, stretching and foam rolling. I think speed will have to wait, I’m looking forward to building up a good distance base. Look out for some trail running reports, including the Grand Canyon trip, in the future. Some pictures for inspiration.


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