Back to Enchantment

Drove back into New Mexico last Friday. Rolled into Pie Town in time for a dinner slice. Tom Russell is on the radio, friendly faces behind the counter and old friends waiting to reunite. The pull to come back to New Mexico was too strong not to make the drive and a pleasant drive it was.

Wigwam Motel, Holbrook, AZ

As I exited Interstate 40 in Holbrook, AZ and turned onto U.S. Hwy 180, I was reacquainted with my love of the road and the desert southwest. These are the roads that take one through the soul of the country, that make a road trip a trip. These are mostly two lane roads through rolling hills, winding valleys, real towns, store fronts (many¬†abandoned), always a shoulder to pull off on and enjoy whatever pulls one to the roadside or answer some natural call. No super, four to eight lane, concrete and asphalt monstrosity of the Eisenhower Interstate Defense System, with sound barriers creating a concrete tunnel across the country, a skinny shoulder one doesn’t dare to rest on as semis, rvs, and passenger cars only concerned with making good time between non-discript exits for fuel, junk food and if one’s lucky, a plastered figurine, tacky t-shirt, moccasins or other worthless trinket. Out here on the American byways of the desert one can get every last beautiful, glowing moment out of the evening sky. There’s good life out here and I welcome it in. This is good land and these are good folks. Looking forward to visiting both.

The visit has included a couple days of climbing at the always fun Enchanted Tower, helping Chris out on the Mountain View Market Farm and hanging out with friends, trying to beat the heat with sombreros and rivers.


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