Yosemite: Camp 4 and chillin

Camp 4 is known as the climbers campground. It’s about equal climbers and mexican families on the summer weekends though. One has to line up fairly early to get a spot in the walk in campground as the “Camp Full”  sign seems to be a permanent fixture. Some start lining up at 5:00AM and continue there slumber while in line. There is plenty to do besides climbing at camp and around the valley. The Yosemite Search and Rescue is at the end of camp and have set up several slack lines. Slack lining is pretty popular in the park too. Surprisingly, I only heard a few musicians in camp. However, I had some good fireside jams with the guys from Montana. The Merced River is great for a soak or float on warm days. The Curry Village lodge has internet, coffee and a cozy environment. There is an exciting swing on El Capitan as well.  Here’s a little sampling of rest day activities.


One thought on “Yosemite: Camp 4 and chillin

  1. Dan,

    Its kiel from Vermont, we met in Joes. I am with Laura here in Tahoe, I emailed you my number, link up!

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