John Muir Trail Report

A week has passed since I finished 12 days of hiking in the Sierras at the summit of Mt. Whitney and the southern terminus of the John Muir Trail. The amazing trip and pristine, wild beauty of the Sierra Mountains is forever engrained in my mind. My heels are still bruised, achilles sore, feet heavily calloused and appetite unsatiable. I have uploaded all my pictures onto my flickr site. They will speak more to the affect than my writing. For a better written account of the Sierras see John Muir or Gary Snyder or many others that have been so inspired by these mountains. For more great pictures see Galen Rowell, photographer, climber and adventurer. I do plan to write some about different aspects of the trail and trip. Lakes, mountain passes, trail life and gear are some of the topics I want to cover. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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