City Life

I am back in Oakland, CA again, staying with my good friend Blue Dog. The road trip with Abigail is over and she has headed back to New Mexico for school. The nights seem to have gotten more crisp in the last few days here in the Bay area. Feels like the changing of  the seasons.

The city has a lot to peak one’s interest. There are a lot of cool bars and spots in the city. We were able to catch some music by one of my favorite new bands, Y La Bamba, at Amnesia. I’ve been in dire need of some good, live music. Adam and I hit up the board game (i.e. nerd) bar in Berkeley. The belly has been happy with all the good food as well. San Francisco feels very authentic, diverse and vibrant. For a big city it’s pretty nice. Also, the whole Bay Area is full of green, open space. However, it tends to peak the pocket book as well. I’m mostly holing up in Adam’s apartment to do some writing, reading and research until I can get back to my van and continue down the road. Enjoying the down time. Should be some more posts up here soon.


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