Slowin Down

Atop Mt. Diablo in Mt. Diablo State Park, CA

Injuries are trying to slow me down. I like to think it’s just nature’s way of telling me I need to take a break. Something a little more subtle would have been nice. Being in the land of sunshine and chasing constant good weather for outdoor endeavors makes resting tough. At least back in the South, rain would come down every once in a while and force me to take a break.So now I’m in the city for another week nursing a case of carpel tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis, walking around the city, doing short runs around Lake Merritt and lots of stretches and strength exercises.

The CTS spawned from 65 hours of making stir fry and has lingered for  a month now. This made for very cautious climbing in the Black Hills but helped me relax and enjoy guiding, the abundance of easier climbs and sweet top ropes. I still felt like I was climbing as good as I ever have although the routes were not as hard I felt more at ease on the rock. Massage, stretching and running seem to help with the CTS. I hope it clears up for climbing in the cooler months at Hueco and in the South.

And the plantar fasciitis stuck a dagger in my foot. At least that what it feels like. I had some of this after the John Muir Trail but it cleared up. It came back after transitioning into the Altra Lone Peaks. I guess 115 miles, with three 20+ mile runs, in 3 weeks isn’t really easing into it. The shoes were so comfortable and felt fine while running but I kept waking up crippled at the first step. Over training could be just as well be the culprit as the shoes though. After running the Haulin’ Aspen Marathon I figured I should withdraw from the Headlands 50k three weeks later. I probably could’ve fought the pain and gotten through it but I want to heal and be able to run as strong and fast as I would like and believe I can. Now the lacrosse ball, ice and epsom salt are my best friends.

My performance at Haulin’ Aspen gave me some encouragement that I actually can run far and faster than I have been but I just need to heal and train properly. So I will still be at the Headlands 50k as a volunteer at the last aid station, Cardiac Aid. I’ve never volunteered at race so I’m looking forward to it and seeing all the faces pushing through the last few miles after climbing up the Dipsea and Steep Ravine trails. Below are some pictures from when I ran a section of the race back in May.


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