Road trip within a road trip

Cruisin somewhere in Montana before I dropped off the van in Missoula at Michael’s. Thanks Michael.

July 31 – August 17, 2012

After road tripping solo for five months, Abigail joined me in SouthDakota. We road tripped together through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and down to San Francisco, CA. I put up a bunch of pictures over on the flickr site. Pictures do the trip the most justice. In summary: driving, beautiful country, road side berries, parking lot picnics, camping, evening run stops (Abigail is very motivated to stop for a run anywhere, high school track, random gravel road, etc.), trail race, friends, and did I mention driving.

One of many parking lot picnics. Here at a Wyoming visitors center.

Abby concentrating on the curvy road through Clearwater, ID. I’m playing with the camera settings

Eastern Washington is quite different from the stereotypically portrayed images of the soggy west coast. Golden fields, rolling hills and farms.

One of many friends and wild berry patches along the way.Mick and Abby at a patch outside of Lincoln City, OR.

Camping at Cougar Reservoir, OR

California Coast and near the trip’s end


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