Familiar Ground

Sunest in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah

After six months of traveling the west, I am back in Las Cruces, NM. It was a great time and was fortunate to climb in some beautiful places like Bishop, Joe’s Valley, Indian Creek, Yosemite and the Black Hills and I got to see many old friends and made new ones that I think will become old ones. Thanks everyone and everywhere for a wonderful trip so far.

I felt like I had beat my body up with all the adventures over the summer, needed to let the van have a rest and relax the mind for a spell. Southern New Mexico is great place to do just that. There are good friends and places here, a very laid back environment, good food and old routines I can get back into while I recover. Hello New Mexico, good to be back.

Hello beautiful Southwest (Dolores River Canyon, CO)

I had incurred both carpel tunnel syndrome and foot tendonitis over the summer. I suspect both are due to overuse. After living in denial for weeks and trying to run on a messed up foot, I have stopped running completely for about three weeks now. As hard as this has been, I do believe the rest is helping. I woke up with very little soreness today. So far my recovery plan has consisted of rest, stretching, soaking after physical activities, yoga, hot springing, swimming (including pool running), low  impact gym workouts and climbing (as long as the approach is short). None of the activities seem to be detrimental to recovery and can only help. I have found a new love for swimming, yoga and sport climbing. Can’t say I enjoy the gym much.

Roadside recovery at Lava Hot Springs, ID

The CTS in the had is very slowly getting better. I don’t think all the driving was helping any. The hand feels better while climbing as long as I don’t crimp too much. I’m going to see a physical therapist, Susan Conant, tomorrow. She does great work and have seen here before. Hopefully she can manage some improvement on my hand.

So in the meantime, I will continue to recover and keep catching up on my pictures from over the summer. I put up a bunch from over on the flickr and will have a proper report from Glacier National Park up soon. I think I can start doing some longer hiking next week. Hopefully, I be fully recovered for the bouldering season at Hueco Tanks. If anyone is around New Mexico and wants to climb or hike, I’ve got time.

Chris cruising up Scott at the Tunnel; Alamogordo, NM. Good to be back at the old sport crag but quite a difficult reacquaintance.


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