Trail Rambling #1

What one thinks about while out walking for days on end, in the wilderness, by oneself or with only the occasional companion; is quite interesting. One’s thoughts pretty much run the gamut of emotions: happy, sad, lonely, content, scared, anxious, hungry; thoughts of old stories, making up new ones, contemplating the stories of others, ghost stories from the Muir hut, calculating times, distances, finances; remembering trail advice, singing songs and reciting poems out loud to oneself and to keep creatures alert and of course the absolute lack of thoughts or complete presence in the moment. I came up with a few poems on the John Muir Trail that entertained myself and even had me laughing out loud with no one around. One starts to wonder if you are closer to insanity or closer to having “It” figured out. Probably neither. Enjoy.

Muir’s Pass Beard

Oh hey you woke me from my daze!

I was just waiting around for another profound thing to say.

Sitting here, stoic, contemplative behind a Muir’s Pass Beard.

I know the next thought is oh so near.

Just waiting for it to start a baking.

Hopefully it will rise.

Well, maybe not.

I’ll just be stuck to these rhymes of a simple kind.


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