Trail Report: Mousetail Landing State Park, TN

View from Shelter 2

View from Shelter 2

Mousetail Landing State Park is located about an hour and a half south of Nashville, between Linden and Perryville, TN along the Tennessee River. Day use admission is free and the park has a couple of trail opportunities. Overnight backpacking to the two shelters requires an overnight permit. The park also offers river and picnic opportunities.

Abigail and I ran the eight mile Eagle Point trail on a chilly, January afternoon. It was about thirty seven degrees with only a slight amount of sunshine. Despite the chilly temperature, the slight bit of sunshine was a relief from the cold, cloudy and wet weather that has settled into the South lately.

For this chilly run I was bundled up in my running tights, a couple of shirts, windbreaker, beanie, mittens and my Mountain Masochists. I felt pretty good as long as I kept moving the chill was apparent when we would stop. I took pictures with my Motorola Atrix smartphone, which I carried in a Amphipod belt. The belt rides really well and I was surprised at the quality of the pictures. Despite significant wear, the Masochists also performed well on the wet and slippery trail.

This trail was one of the best trails I have been on. The trail begins by traversing hill sides and crossing gullies and streams on wooden bridges. The trail goes through some open, cedar glades and meadows and up onto a wooded ridge and connects to a loop trail. The trail continues up and down hills, through deciduous forests. The trail drops down from one of the overnight shelters and goes along the Tennessee River and climbs through thick forests and moss covered rock outcrops, above river bluffs until reaching the next shelter, which overlooks the river. The trail passes an old cemetery and back onto the first part of the trail.

Overall, the trail is of moderate difficulty with a lot of climbing up and down short hills and along ridges. The trail has some technical sections with exposed rocks and roots. During our run the trail was covered in leaves but the trail was well marked with blue blazes and trail signs. I highly recommend this trail if you’re in the West Tennessee area. It will be one I visit again.



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