Trail Report/Poem: Long Hunter State Park, TN


Upon a run in the woods

Tunnel of privet, brush teepee, bridges over swollen streams.

Bare deciduous forest, scattered evergreens; few leaves remain, faded, clinging to the silver maples.

Soft ground of the trail squishes, splashes and slides as concentration grows with each quick step up, across and down slippery root and rock.

A new stream has formed down the middle of the worn trail. I feel the recent soak inside my shoes. It is unavoidable and welcomed.

I pause by a bench to rest and enjoy the morning. Fog still floats in the distance, one fishing boat sits still off shore, the waves quietly flow into the bank.

Waves grow from an unseen force and begin to crash. The birds fly, swoop, dive, splash and call. The motor from an invisible boat roars. My heart holds it accelerated rhythm

The birds float on calm waves upon Percy Priest Lake.


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