Hueco Rock Rodeo 2013

The 20th annual Hueco Rock Rodeo took place on February 16th. It was even more fun than the past rodeos I’d been too. This time I volunteered for the weekend. I ended up setting up tons of banners, making pancakes with Fred Nicole and being a North Mountain guide/concierge. I love how the event is so low key and one is climbing and hanging out with folks from all over the world, pro climbers, new climbers and everyone in between, all in the beautiful, relaxing desert. Thanks to Melissa Strong and everyone else for putting on a great event.

The weekend had perfect weather for the rodeo. A huge pile of pallets were delivered for the raging bonfire on Saturday night. Everyone was fed thoroughly and Fred Nicole was a pleasure to meet and flip pancakes with. He was so grateful to have locals helping him make pancakes as he said, “I am European, I do not know about these pancakes.”

I took the Las Cruces crew around North Mountain all day and climbed nearly twenty Hueco classic problems from the list that Andy Klier had put together. Most of these were quite tall and long making for a fun, exciting and challenging day.

The New Belgium brews flowed heavy Saturday night at the post rodeo party and bonfire. A top notch grill crew including, Tim and Lindsey from Berkley (great couple that helped setup all weekend), fed the haggard and hungry climbers. The night carried on with lots of pallets being burned, kids jumping through the fire, a dyno competition with smack talk from the Lost Boys and DJ Cletus giving us some beats to dance to.


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