Coffee morning

Not too many better ways to start a day than a natural early rise and slow, coffee morning, reading and writing. 

Awoke well before my alarm and the sun, but felt ready (not awake yet!) to greet the day. A slow, pour over coffee and reading Fire Season by Phillip Connors is an ideal way to start. No buzz of the radio or glow of a screen,  only the occasional car out on the highway and gradual increase of sunlight through the windows. 

I hope I learned my lesson yesterday when I left the house pre coffee and worked straightaway on the computer. Threw off the whole damn day!

But then I found this, 

This post is also a trial run using the wordpress app. I’ll be posting with it (maybe more frequently) while I’m enjoying some slow time out on the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. 


2 thoughts on “Coffee morning

  1. Dan – Hey, a tip: To maximize battery life I would always type my blog entries in my phone’s “notes” application with the phone in airplane mode; then once ready, I would disable airplane mode, launch the blogger app, paste the text, and publish. Once published, I would re-enable airplane mode so I could squeeze out the most juice between charges. Hope that helps!

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