On the way to the Pacific Crest Trail

Left Las Cruces late on May 5th. Said goodbye to the apartment and stuff that will lie untouched for four months. Thinking about returning to the stillness and unchanged environment is a surreal thought. I’ve widdled down all I’ll need for four months to between 10-11 lbs (not conunting food and water). The simplicity of living out of a backpack and traveling on foot is satisfying. One really doesn’t need much to be alright.  


Driving through the night with my buddy Wrong Way (who was enthusiastic of my trip from day one and is giving me a ride from Las Cruces all the way to California!). Crossed over the Continental Divide near Lordsburg and thinking of all the people out there walking around the world and living simpler, unconventional lives. It’s a comforting thought. 

Strange sights to pass along the drive when compared to the travel of simple means I’ll be doing. Including: motel in the modern ghost town of Lordsburg, watching long trains, too much time in the sprawling city of Tucson, desert agriculture and channelized rivers, wind farms and a campground only a 10 mile drive from the southern terminus of the PCT. To cover this distance on the trail will be a 20 mile hike tomorrow. 



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