PCT 2015-Day 1 “Don’t work too hard sir.”

The Wrong Way (aka trail dad, American original) support crew is “mollycoddling” me into the trail, hot coffee, a ride to the border and truck full of food when I finish today. What an amazing guy and trail angel. 

The border was empty except for the usual Border Patrol presence. Rain and overcast skies was a welcomed departure from the typical hot weather. I walked off without actually touching the fence. After a quarter mile I ran back and officially gave it a feel and tickled the weeds over in Mexico. Border to border, that’s the way.  

A woman watering her dirt yard in Campo was the first person I met. She said “Don’t work too hard sir.”  I’ll try not too. Surprisingly I saw an ol’ buzz worm out in the cool weather. 


The trail wasn’t as busy as I expected. Those on the trail were an international bunch. Folks from Mexico, Germany, Finland, Canada and of course from all over the USA. Wrong Way came out and met me and hiked back to camp.


The 20 miles went by faster than I expected. Around 3:30 we were all hanging around camp eating from the Cactuc to Cloud trail race spillage food boxes I’d brought. They all seemed grateful. I helped AZ purge 10-15 lbs from his pack. He was struggling carrying 40-45 lbs all day. 

Felt like I should keep walking with so much day light but didn’t want to push too hard and wanted to enjoy some company. The weather turned cold though and relaxing was difficult. The cross country runner girl hikers we were talking with started to share the look that that it was too cold to chat any longer. Retreated into the meager shelter I’d brought. 


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