PCT2015 – Week 3

21 May-day 15-mile 301-Deep Creek Canyon-Deep Creek Hot Springs-long soak-naked people-trail fart etiquette-windy Silverwood lake-Camise Boat Camp-mile 327


Deep Creek Hot Springs

22 May-day 16-mile 327-fog, mist, chill, badlands-Cajon Pass-McDonalds-hikers stink-2000+ calorie lunch-tunnels&culverts-Amy hitch-Wrightwood Inn-old Leo-Trail Angel Kathy-hiker bums-Wrightwood-mile 347


McD’s trail sign

23 May-day 17-mile 347-hitch hiking-slack packing-trail running-trail magic by extreme_adventures-menu with beer, captures sandwich, pancakes, ice cream and muffins-above the clouds-buttery single track-Inspiration Point-Devil Fish-Susan & Olive-pizza & beer-pro yogiing-mile 370


Trail Magic

24 May-day 18-mile 370-goodbye team-long cafe morning-nearo/rest day hike-mile 374


with Susan & Olive

25 May-day 19-mile 374-Vincent Gap-Mt. Baden Powell-goodbye Susan-Memorial Day-coastal clouds/San Gabriel mtn divide/desert-healing Jummy Spring-road detour-Buckhorn Flat-night hike-Cooper Canyon trail camp-mile 396


Mt. Baden Powell

26 May-day 20-mile 396-mile 400-caught The team again-fast hike-Poodle Dog bush-gravel road slanted camp-mile 425


Poodle Dog Bush

27 May-day 21-mile 452-trail magic galore!-Mr Estrada-Coppertone-Acton KOA-descent bombing trail-indecision-sunset night hike-dank tunnel-nestled mountains-cave camp-mile 452



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