Model: 1986 Toyota Van aka Spacecruiser

Specs: 2.2L 4 cylinder 4Y-EC engine, 20-23 mpg.

Residents: Me

Living arrangements: Rocket box on top for gear, Custom cabinets by Charlie Ryland, memory foam bed on the floor, also works as nice chillin area, hanging closet from wal-mart, cargo nets are essential, coleman two burner stove with 11 lb propane tank, table to allow cooking inside and out, looking to build cabinets and counters over wheel wells as soon as I have access to tools.

I first had a raised bed with storage underneath but decided the open space and bed on the floor was better.

Tips for van living: Take very little, go out on the road and you’ll realize you need even less, get rid of that stuff. Less is more, keep it simple, openness goes a long ways.

May 2012 Update: I took the time and access to tools in Las Cruces to build a new platform, pull out drawers, cabinets and counter. I think this version will stick for a while.


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