Model: Chevy Astro Cargo Van

Specs: V6 engine. 20-22 mpg

Residents: Kyle, Laura and Cricket

I met Kyle, Laura and Cricket in Joe’s Valley, UT. We van camped and bouldered for a couple weeks together. While a little cramped with three bodies in the van, this is a nice setup with custom carpentry, solar power and homey decor that make living with three rather comfy. Kyle has been van dwelling for a couple years ago and has gotten it pretty well dialed in.


One thought on “Vana

  1. Sooo awesome.. its wierd I aspire and dream to have this kind of home! So ass backwards from ‘the norm’ haha. Love it way to go guys! I have a question about the insulation around the bed bunk area.. does that help both in winter and summer for regulating temperature? thanks happy adventuring!

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